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I have always been very old school in my ways about a few things in life, and one of them is the social media. I wasn’t on any social media platform for the first 17 years of my life. I never felt the need of it.

During my 12th board exams, one day, after studying for 18 hours, while talking, my best friend said something like, “I think you should experience it once and also who else would leave stupid and embarrassing comments on my posts if not you”. So we (by ‘we’ I mean my best friend) made my Instagram account. I was just sitting on her head, with a wide naughty smile on my face. Both of us knew that it was going to be the beginning of a very exciting journey thereon. She basically taught me how to use it and I found some amazing things, came across such talented young minds and what not.

Soon a year had passed and I could sense that something about this was troubling my best friend. She started to feel that she shouldn’t have introduced me to this platform, because according to her, a person as headstrong as I, was now brooding before posting a picture or a story on Instagram. I tried to reason with her, telling that I liked being particular about things, but she was not even remotely convinced.

Social media can sometimes have an impact on our lives that might make us unconsciously act in a certain unwarranted way. These small changes may seem insignificant at the moment, but they eventually influence us to present ourselves in an unfamiliar fashion.

When we are exposed to such a wide spectrum of audience, it’s natural for us to want people to like and appreciate us, but, sometimes, in order to attain that we make compromises with our own originality. Instead, to have a solid grounding we must let our originality sprout first and then build our personality on it. Because if you are trying to be someone you are not then it will make a fragmented personality out of you. It will eventually shake your confidence and eat up your originality.

Better if you learn to truly respect yourself and see your shortcomings, without drowning in them or feeling ashamed about it. Free yourself from such unhealthy clutches and start living for yourself.

I am grateful to my best friend for addressing such an exiguous change, which seemed insignificant at the that moment but now when I look back I realize how it could have impacted me. Today, I am more comfortable and confident with the choices that I make and I truly hope that it continues to grow with same positivity.

So, sometimes I post stuff that doesn’t really makes sense to others but it makes complete sense to me and that’s what is important. I live my life on my terms and the consequent wisdom and strength which I derive from it is unparalleled.

This beautiful video has been captured by my father.

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