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I am just nineteen and every once in a while a thought strikes my mind. It questions, are you making the most out of life? I ponder for a few minutes, a bunch of questions pop up in this inquiry that eventually leads me to answer this question. I am recapturing the process and the outcome here, again, for my own record.

What does 'making the most' mean? It actually differs according to an individual’s personality make up and their value system. For some it may be enjoying to the fullest but for some it could be serving the nation or earning handsomely.

The term ‘most’ signifies the final moment up to which an individual has the mental and physical strength to carry out a task, regardless of the task's magnitude, to their full potential.

To make the most in life you need to be true to yourself and the choices that you make. Sometimes your choices might have some ill consequences but, at least, you had the guts to take that decision and you tried something new, risking a few things. So, firstly, kudos to that spirit of yours and secondly, you would not have known if it was worth trying until you actually tried it.

Sometimes you will miss out on important things in life because you’re chasing your dream but it is the price you have to pay and if you’re completely devoted towards achieving your goal, missing out on a few things won’t hurt that bad and that is the best reliable way to know that how correct were you in pursuing it and to what degree it was the right thing for you.

In order to live a fulfilling life, have no regrets. Regret is an unnecessary burden that you don’t need to carry on your shoulders for the rest of your life. Yes, I know, one cannot go in the past and change one's decision but you can always make amends in the present to shape your future, you just need to be attentive enough to catch the right signal at the right moment and respond to it.

Stop comparing your life with others, comparison is a sign of weakness. When you compare, all you do is to either lower your self esteem and your self confidence or over emphasize these. Some of us are always going to be more successful and accomplished than others but the success is just one aspect of our lives. And don’t let someone else’s success intimidate you into choosing a different option.

One needs to have a strong heart and an open mind to understand that comparison only suffocates a child and forces them to act or become something they are not actually; and by doing this you rob that child’s opportunity of becoming great by doing a particular thing of his/her innate choice, something he/she is actually good at.

If you want to experiment or try something new, take the first step of initiating the process, no matter how crazy it is, before your pragmatic, non-innovative self has taken over to advise you to

change your mind.

There is no perfect guide on how to do things and which steps to take, and even if there is, don’t blindly follow it.

Lastly, I just wish to say three things:

- Do not repent your mistakes instead learn from them and be always prepared to jump into the unknown again with more preparedness, caution and, of course, vigour.

- Keep time to appreciate and celebrate little things in life.

- Life has weird ways of making things happen, never lose hope.

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